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770 011 370 (Available)

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- VIDT DAO is an open source platform that enables verifiable trust for the entire Web3 ecosystem.

- The VIDT DAO web3 platform brings trust into your life by making your data and documents verifiable, using the best open source blockchain and timestamping technology.

- Any Web3 developer and user can use all VIDT DAO timestamp functionality.

- VIDT DAO is a decentralized third-generation blockchain validation ecosystem controlled by its community and stakeholders.

- The VIDT DAO token contract is completely audited by Certik and fully complies to global regulatory demands.

- VIDT DAO is the native utility token of the project.

- The current use cases of the VIDT DAO ecosystem include, but are not limited to:
# Data Validation: Each time anyone timestamps a file or an NFT gets minted, a $VIDT transaction is made which records all necessary details into the blockchain. This makes $VIDT THE integral part of the VIDT DAO validation process.
# Governance: Holding VIDT DAO empowers anyone to propose, and vote for, strategic decisions regarding business, marketing and technical developments. The VIDT DAO voting process is protected from becoming centralized as voting power is NOT linear to the number of tokens in a wallet. Every wallet holding a certain amount of VIDT DAO tokens has 1 vote.

- The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
# VIDT DAO Incubator Treasury: The VIDT DAO Incubator Treasury is an empowering tool for the community to decide on the strategic - and commercial path for VIDT DAO.
# VIDT DAO Audit Committee: The audit committee is formed to perform sanity checks on submitted VIDT DAO proposals to comply with laws and regulation.
# VIDT DAO Awareness Team: The VIDT DAO Awareness Team is formed by a team of volunteers of varying composition, who are enthusiasts of the VIDT DAO Technology. They share news about VIDT, integrators of the VIDT technology and other news that might interest the VIDT DAO community.
# VIDT DAO open source: The VIDT DAO technology running on both Ethereum Mainnet and BNB Smart Chain is open source, fully compatible with all major programming languages, and therefore easy to link to any software platform. Extended GitHub documentation is available for anyone to build upon.
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