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Rowan Coin (RWN)

Rowan Coin (RWN)

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Market cap
$13 233 099
Volume (24h)
$406 224
545 000 000 (Max)
195 000 000 (Available)

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Rowan Energy provides unique, innovative solutions for sustainable cryptocurrency mining. Our approach combines low-energy, low-carbon blockchain technology with renewable energy production, allowing customers to earn extra rewards for their energy generation. Rewards that are underwritten by the Rowan Blockchain mining pool.

Rowan Energy's core product counts the energy produced by residential rooftop solar and rewards that customer for every kWh they produce. In the centre of this process is the SmartMiner, a smart meter and crypto-miner in one, which counts energy produced and validates transactions on our Proof-of-Generation blockchain.

Rowan already monitors 1.5MW of solar throughout the UK and has now built a substantial distribution network of solar installers to bring that number up to 100MW by the end of 2024.

Conventional crypto mining uses vast amounts of energy; Rowan Blockchain does not. We are not simply using customer energy to mine crypto. We reward for power generated, not what is used to validate transactions.

Rowan Energy's Tokenomics model is built around Rowan Coin (RWN) and is based on supply and demand fundamentals. The whole process is designed to decrease the circulating supply and increase the demand for the token by delivering actual use cases, which in turn will increase daily trade volumes and support the expediential growth of the token value.
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