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Puli (PULI)

Puli (PULI)

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## Who are the Leaders of Puli ($PULI)?
Puli is a BSC Token managed by Christopher Johnson, Ph.D., Timothy Ojin, Mishaa Love, and Shane Cook. They are developing new play-to-earn games for the BSC ecosystem and most important, for their holders.

The team is also backed up by a support team with a Game Developer, Solidity Developer, NFT and 3D Designer, Branding Manager, and a Marketing Manager as well as a group of administrators and moderators on all social media platforms. In addition, gaming development is supported by a full gaming studio.

### What Is Puli ($PULI)?
Puli is the native token for casual mobile gaming. The team behind Puli develops crypto-based play-to-earn experiences as well as NFT integration on iOS and Android mobile devices.

### Where Can I Buy Puli ($PULI)?
Puli is available for trading on several exchanges. The following exchanges have listed Puli:

2. DAR Exchange
3. EverSwap
4. Bridges Exchange
5. Flooz Trading
6. RadioShack
7. RBXchange
8. Bogged Finance
9. 1inch

### What are some of the biggest accomplishments for Puli ($PULI)?
The community is the driving force for the token and the games it will support. Without the community, Puli would not be a success. The leaders of Puli are especially grateful for all the contributions the community has made thus far.

The first game, Puli Runner, was released to PC on 31 January 2022 and was later published to Android and iOS in May 2022. This game, and the games that will follow, allow both Web2 and Web3 gameplay from the same app. This approach allows those that are new or not involved with cryptocurrencies to enjoy a similar experience and be introduced to the world of crypto.

Puli is audited by Coinscope, Interfi Network and Certik. All team members have passed KYC checks.

Finally, Puli has attained the coveted Blue Checkmark on BSCScan, which identifies the project as a valid public interest and separates the token from copycats and imposters.
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