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What Is Phala Network (PHA)?

Phala Network ( is the Execution Layer for Web3 AI, enabling AI to interact with blockchains and unlocking Web3 for the first billion users.

Phala’s multi-proof system solves the AI execution problem, allowing you to build tamper-proof and unstoppable AI Agents that integrate with smart contracts through the AI-Agent Contract.

1. Agentize Smart Contracts: Develop AI Agents for smart contracts using natural and programming languages.
2. Connect to Multi-Agents: Make your agents accessible to other cross-chain AI Agents.
3. Launch AI Agents and Earn: Own your agents and build a profitable token economy.

PHALA as the AI Execution Layer:

Phala leverages AI Agents to interface with blockchain technology, ensuring behavior aligns with intentions and preventing fraud. Using Phala's Blockchain-TEE hybrid system, AI Agents can act like smart contracts with decentralized hosting, governance by smart contracts, protected prompts, and low latency with no gas fees.

Phala Network’s AI Ecosystem:

Phala leads Web3 and AI integration with:

1. AI Agent Contract ( For building decentralized AI applications.
2. Agent Wars ( A platform to create, interact with, and monetize AI agents.
3. Redpill ( An AI aggregator optimizing multiple AI models, increasing network usage and computation power.

How Many PHA Coins Are There?

The maximum supply is 1 billion PHA. As of May 29, 2024, the circulating supply is 724,199,827 PHA. For updates, visit the API here (

Where Can I Buy Phala (PHA)?
PHA is available on Binance, Kraken, and other major exchanges. For a full list, visit here CoinGeko PHALA listing page.
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