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Obital7 (ORB7)

Obital7 (ORB7)

Market cap
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Project Overview

Orbital7 represents a comprehensive suite of development tools specifically designed for Bitcoin Centric Networks. Orbital7 aims to streamline and simplify the process of creating, managing, and utilizing digital assets on Bitcoin Centric Networks, including Runes, BRC20 and the Bitcoin network

Key Features

Apex Fungible Lock: This innovative tool is designed to allow project developers the capability to lock the total supply of these assets, effectively preventing any unauthorized or sudden increase in supply that could adversely affect the asset's value or market stability. By implementing such a locking mechanism, the Apex Fungible Lock serves as a foundational anti-rug system, assuaging fears of potential rug pulls

Comet Airdropper: The Orbital7 Airdropper is a tool meticulously developed to facilitate the effective distribution of tokens across Bitcoin Centric Networks, including Runes, BRC20 and Bitcoin networks. It empowers projects to launch comprehensive airdrop campaigns aimed at their community or stakeholders, guaranteeing a broad and equitable token dissemination. This instrument is crucial for projects eager to amplify engagement and nurture a sense of ownership within their community.

Genesis Inscription/Token mint: The Orbital7 Inscription Minter is a powerful tool designed to empower developers with the ability to create tokens on Bitcoin centric networks through a highly customizable Inscription generator.

Nova Token/Inscription Burner: The Orbital7 Token Burner is developed as a secure and straightforward solution for managing the supply of tokens. By providing a mechanism for token burning, it serves as a strategic tool for projects aiming to manage their tokenomics and enhance the scarcity of their tokens

Nexus MPC Wallet: Acknowledging the pressing necessity for improved security and shared asset management, the Orbital7 MultiSig Wallet leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to extend MultiSig capabilities to Bitcoin Centric Networks, including Runes, BRC20 and Bitcoin networks. This wallet solution is crucial for projects and groups seeking an elevated degree of security and governance for their digital assets.

Nebula Staking Rewards: Orbital7 Stake is designed to incentivize and reward participation and investment within Bitcoin centric networks. By offering a staking rewards mechanism, it encourages token holders to actively contribute to the networks' security and stability, fostering stronger and more resilient ecosystems.

Celestial Vesting tool The Oribital7 vesting tool is a powerful tool designed and created to assist developers seamlessly create vesting structures for their tokens on Bitcoin centric networks. By adopting the use of a token vesting mechanism, developers can increase the likelihood of a projects success, by incentivizing long term commitment by investors and promoting the general well-being of Bitcoin centric networks.

Business Model

Broadly speaking, the pricing model for the Orbital7 tool suite is based on the nature of the tool being used, for example where the relevant tool is a volume based tool (such as the Comet Airdropper), the fees will be charged on a volume basis. Once fees are collected from a user, 50% of the total fees collected will be burnt, to generate an inflationary effect of the Orbital7 token, with the remaining 50% being collected by the project, and put towards ongoing costs and expenses, including further research and development.


The Orbital7 team has 40+ years collective experience including C-Suite positions for the worlds largest financial companies including Vanguard and Blackrock.
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