Numeraire (NMR)

$18.67 (-0.96 %)
฿0.00159757 (-1.49 %)
Market cap
$51 332 965
฿4 392.39
Volume (24h)
$270 502
11 000 000 (Max)
10 979 491 (Available)

There are investors who make timely market calls (they buy the bottom). There are investors who make the right investment call (they invest in the right company or market). Occasionally, there are investors who make both timely and correct investments. Placeholder and Paradigm led an $11 million ro...
March was not a kind month to…well, anyone, let alone the crypto markets. The anticipated repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic led investors in crypto and stocks alike to flee to the safety of the dollar. Bitcoin, as a result, is down almost 25% in the last 30 days. But BTC price has seen a si...
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