Minter (BIP)

Minter (BIP)

$0.013889 (10.39 %)
฿0.00000025 (9.22 %)
Market cap
$54 211 495
Volume (24h)
$121 319
10 000 000 000 (Max)
3 903 275 265 (Available)

Events are managed by official representatives

Minter is a digital assets marketplace allowing anyone to buy, sell, send, and spend BTC, ETH, BIP, USDC, gold, oil, stocks, and much more within a single decentralized network. Minter is integrated with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to provide cross-chain transfers and swaps.

Everything is lightning-fast and cost-efficient: a transaction takes only 5 seconds in time and $0.01 in fees. Trade of any volume costs $0.03 plus 0.2% distributed among liquidity providers.

About Minter:
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