Hifi Finance (MFT)

Hifi Finance (MFT)

$0.004860 (1.82 %)
฿0.00000020 (-2.90 %)
Market cap
$45 667 256
฿1 894.78
Volume (24h)
$2 047 210
10 000 000 000 (Max)
9 386 552 599 (Available)

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The Mainframe Lending Protocol enables fixed-rate lending and borrowing — something much needed in decentralized finance today. Tokenizing on-chain debt allows anyone accesses to instant liquidity against collateral assets approved by Mainframe Governance. Similar to a zero-coupon bond, the debt obligation settles on a specific future date. Mainframe Governance is the community organized process of managing the various aspects of the Mainframe Lending Protocol. The Mainframe Lending Protocol proposes a novel liquidation architecture that drives resources back to ecosystem participants and is designed to function reliably even during times of extreme volatility.
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