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Litentry (LIT)

Litentry (LIT)

$0.794580 (2.56 %)
฿0.00001322 (8.62 %)
Market cap
$44 787 612
Volume (24h)
$2 862 099
100 000 000 (Max)
56 358 662 (Available)

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Litentry is a privacy-preserving decentralized identity aggregation oracle, built on the Substrate framework and tailored for Polkadot, EVM-based platforms, and other multi-chain ecosystems. It leverages Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), verifiable credentials, and customizable score computation to usher in a new era of digital identity. Its flagship product, the IdentityHub, is transforming how identities are managed and authenticated across blockchains. Its self-sovereign user-centric approach to identity, bridging both Web2 and Web3, offers a robust suite for user activity and identity data management. With tools like the IdentityHub and unique staking mechanisms, Litentry is committed to establishing a unified, privacy-centric decentralized identity infrastructure, redefining interoperability and utility for users and projects in the decentralized space.
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