Iridium (IRD)

Iridium (IRD)

$0.032242 (-2.90 %)
฿0.00000057 (-1.72 %)
Market cap
$762 694
Volume (24h)
25 000 000 (Max)
23 655 054 (Available)

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Iridium (IRD) is an Egalitarian Proof-Of-Work Cryptocurrency with the maximum amount of coins capped at 25 million. Just like the precious metal, Iridium (IRD) is rare, scarce and a true store of value and we plan on keeping it that way.

Iridium Features:
- Decentralized, Anonymous, Secure, Untraceable, Rare, Cryptocurrency and true “Store Of Value”
- Stable, Global Distribution network backed by one of the largest ISP providers in the game
- Fully E-commerce Enabled
- Capable of being used on over 50 million websites via WooCommerce
- Dedicated Development Team, fully versed in crypto, E-commerce and big-data.
- Enthusiastic Community - Well maintained Discord and Telegram groups
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