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Ferro (FER)

Ferro (FER)

$0.005797 (-1.47 %)
฿0.00000010 (4.05 %)
Market cap
$7 099 145
Volume (24h)
$12 850
4 823 041 666 (Max)
1 223 429 471 (Available)

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Built on the Cronos blockchain, Ferro Protocol is a StableSwap AMM protocol that allows users to exchange with low slippage and minimum fee and farm tokens by creating more efficient pools consisting of highly correlated assets, as well as allowing better composability between protocols in the Cronos ecosystem. Ferro Protocol offers two main features:

1. Ferro Swap
Users can exchange one token with another with customisable slippage as long as both tokens are available in any of the pools within the protocol.

2. Liquidity Pools
Users can become liquidity providers and earn incentives by staking their LP tokens into the liquidity farm. You will be rewarded with our native tokens $FER together with the opportunity to lock your tokens with different maturity options to boost your returns and share revenue from the protocol swap fees.
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