Dash (DASH)

$70.71 (-3.36 %)
฿0.00650339 (-1.18 %)
Market cap
$686 965 547
฿63 186.02
Volume (24h)
$492 896 560
฿45 335.86
18 900 000 (Max)

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Dash is a fork of Bitcoin that focuses on the payments use case. It has introduced a number of features to the industry including masternodes, LLMQs, ChainLocks, and InstantSend, which target scalability, speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and user experience. The Dash network is also the longest-running decentralized autonomous organization, utilizing on-chain governance to allocate network resources toward projects and organizations that support the network.
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20 April 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #75
After a steep drop to 6456.00 to run the previous week's stops, Bitcoin closed last week 3.22% higher. Despite higher-timeframe price action looking more b, it's still possible that Bitcoin is setting up for a quick move upward - leaving analysts and speculators arguing over this week's direction. The altcoin marketcap sho...
Staking has been a trending theme over the last few years. The high-profile launches Cosmos and Tezos, the rise of staking services, and the noise generated by Ethereum’s long-awaited upgrade have all helped drive the narrative that proof-of-stake (PoS) could be the next evolution of consensus mecha...
07 January 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #63
Last week, Bitcoin bulls and bears struggled over an 8% range. The sides were equally matched, with Bitcoin only closing 0.66% lower than the preceding week. This week begins with some signs of strength, and Bitcoin seems poised to strike the top of the range around $7733. Consolidation under resistance, a bullish TK cross...
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