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Common Wealth (WLTH)

Common Wealth (WLTH)

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Common Wealth is an early stage investment system for everyone - creating an all-access pass for retail investors to take
control of their financial future. Common Wealth is disrupting, scaling and optimising the traditional venture capital
investment model using Web3 principles and technology.

By opening up access to the 99%, Common Wealth incentivises crowd-sourced wisdom and enables better standards of
investment and education at scale. Common Wealth prioritises the highest levels of integrity and due diligence in order to
verify the trust, reliability, and security of the platform and all projects.

In order to create a more democratic financial system Common Wealth takes a first principles approach, designing and
implementing innovative solutions from the ground up. It isn’t easy, there are many unknowns but one thing
is clear: we must.

Common Wealth set about designing a revolutionary economy, made possible by combining sound economic principles
with the immense power of Web 3 technology. What has emerged is a truly circular protocol where all value
accrues to the protocol and is redistributed to the community. Common Wealth removes the limits of what
has become an antiquated, centralised VC model.

On “All Street”, every investor shares in the wealth proportionally. Whether you are new to investing or a well
seasoned member of the crypto community - Common Wealth is for everyone.

Whether you just want access to early stage deal flow or you want to vote on Common Wealth governance
issues : your contribution will never go unrecognised. We are more than the sum of our parts. Join us.
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