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Callisto Network (CLO)

Callisto Network (CLO)

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What Is Callisto Network (CLO)?

Callisto Network is a Smart Contract platform based on a proof-of-work blockchain. "CLO" is the native coin of Callisto Network; it allows for fast, secure, and low-cost transactions.

Blockchain As Seen By Security Experts

Founded by Dexaran, co-founder of Ethereum Classic, Callisto Network has made numerous contributions to improve Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS and has audited over 320 smart contracts. None of those have been hacked, establishing the team as one of the top leaders in crypto security. Michael Broda, the founder of ESPL Esports Players League and Esports Innovation Group, recently joined the team as CEO with the vision to bring esports to the Callisto Network blockchain.

Cutting Edge Decentralization

Callisto Network is leveraging its expertise to pioneer the most advanced and secure proof of work blockchain as we approach all aspects of our products with a "security-first" mindset, beginning with the Callisto Network ZPoW consensus. By introducing ZPoW, we want to address the proof of work limitations by enabling a throughput of up to 100,000 tx/s while guaranteeing a security level similar to Bitcoin.
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