Balancer (BAL)

$18.68 (-4.98 %)
฿0.00170013 (-4.85 %)
Market cap
$129 724 770
฿11 805.39
Volume (24h)
$104 262 885
฿9 488.28
35 725 000 (Max)

Having eclipsed 5% of total crypto volume, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are now seriously threatening the dominance held by centralized exchanges. Last month, over $12 billion was traded, with daily volumes increasing every day. This growth has been in large part due to DeFi governance tokens and...
Balancer, a non-custodial portfolio manager and automated market maker, was drained of nearly half a million dollars from a sophisticated attacker that was able to exploit a bug in deflationary token pools. They were able to borrow $23 million through a flash loan on dYdX and convert to WETH which w...
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