16 October 2020
Dreams of DCEP-tion
This week, 10 million DCEP worth about $1.5 million was airdropped to 50,000 randomly selected people. While that sentence reads like a 2017 CoinDesk byline, DCEP is not your run of the mill shitcoin; it’s China’s digital currency (DCEP stands for Digital Currency - Electronic Payment). To dish ou...
12 October 2020
Why Blockchains Matter
The second in a series from our engineering team focused on the intersection of money and technology. Check out Part I from Diran on Messari's Uniswap integration here. Check out our open engineering roles here. Bitcoin not Blockchain. Or Blockchain not Bitcoin? It wasn't until the summer DeFi c...
12 October 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #99
Aggressive Bitcoin bears found themselves liquidated during this week's 9.23% climb while late bulls pile in at the top of the weekend pump. The weakening USD suggests a risk-on environment, creating an overall bullish tone for most markets. The altcoin marketcap climbed alongside Bitcoin from $144 billion to nearly $150 b...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀

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