Read the full report for a recap of the most critical developments from DeFi’s wildest quarter to date. Use the offer code DEFIQ3 to get a free month of Messari Pro! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In Q3, liquidity mining drove both DeFi usage and token prices to all-time hi...
19 October 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #100
Last week, Bitcoin continued its sideways chop over a 4.97% range, climbing 1.30% from its opening price to close the week near $11,520. Uncertainty over the COVID-19 second wave and the US stimulus and election continue to discourage market participants from aggressive trend-setting buying or selling. The altcoin marke...
16 October 2020
Dreams of DCEP-tion
This week, 10 million DCEP worth about $1.5 million was airdropped to 50,000 randomly selected people. While that sentence reads like a 2017 CoinDesk byline, DCEP is not your run of the mill shitcoin; it’s China’s digital currency (DCEP stands for Digital Currency - Electronic Payment). To dish ou...

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